A truly unique rum, completely unlike Caribbean rums

Gold of Mauritius Rum is made from 100% Mauritian distillates conditioned in South African port barrels & blended in small batches for an extraordinary taste that can be used to develop very unique cocktails.

Gold of Mauritius ”is a rum that epitomizes the essence of this tropical island with its rich culture and history. An amalgamation of the best aromas and purest rums, paying tribute to the diversity of the people of the Island of Mauritius.”

Frederic Bestel

The History of Mauritian Rum began in 1850 and is no less enriching than that of the Caribbean. Itstropical climate & rich volcanic soils have always ensured that only the best sugarcane is grown, and the local distilleries guarantee that only the best ingredients are used in the making of Mauritian rum. Today Mauritius houses several distilleries.

Production Process

Every bottle is blended under the supervision of Frederic Bestel, who begins by selecting specific un-aged Rums from local Mauritian distilleries before conditioning the rum in South African port casks.

Unlike most other rums, the unique flavour of Gold of Mauritius rum is dominated by the influence of the port residue within the wooden casks rather than the wood exclusively.

Tasting Notes

This mouthful rum gives us a great variety of savoury notes, the nose revealing hints of oak, malt & roasted nuts, chocolates & hearty tropical Fruits. On the palate a subtle note of vanilla and very fine spices appear in a perfectly harmonious way.


“it has the ability to be the basis of some pretty unique cocktails”.

Rum Diaries Blog


“Nothing like the Caribbean styles, this Mauritius based rum is a cracker “

The Drinks Enthusiast


Signature Cocktail

“Gold Fashioned”

50ml Gold of Mauritius

1 spoon Sugar Cane syrup

1 spoon Islay Malt Whiskey

Fill a bar cylinder 1/2 with ice, add ingredients over ice, turn and trim onto fresh ice.



World Spirit Awards - Silver Medal

Tom Rum - Indian Ocean

Gold of Mauritius website