Cocktail Competiton

The Competition Rules

The Cocktail Recipe

• Cocktail recipe entries must be made using the online form available at Entry forms that are submitted incomplete will be automatically disqualified.

• Cocktail recipe entries must consist of the following:
• A cocktail name
• An ingredients list specifying the quantities of all ingredients used
• A detailed explanation of the preparation of the cocktail.

• It is prohibited to present a cocktail with a name that is considered offensive, vulgar, sexual in nature or with words or abbreviations that are associated with illegal activities or substances. Other names that will not be permitted include those that are degrading towards people, organizations, political affiliations, ethnic and/or religious groups.

• The Cocktail must not contain more than six (6) ingredients, including bar spoons, drops or dashes and solid ingredients like fruit or spices. All garnishes inside the glass are considered ingredients. It is acceptable to additionally spray a citrus fruit zest over the drink, to use a vaporiser (for vapour or spray), but these shall be considered an ingredient as well.

• Gold of Mauritius Dark Rum must be the only rum used in the cocktail and at least 25ml of Gold of Mauritius Dark Rum must be used in the cocktail recipe.

• The use of in-house / home-made ingredients such as syrups, bitters, and infusions are not permitted.

• Decorative items must be edible and must be prepared only during the allotted time for cocktail preparation.

Cocktail Preparation

• All cocktails must be prepared in plain view in front of the Judge or Judges.

• At the Qualifying Heat & Final, all participants must bring all of their own ingredients, utensils, and glassware, with the exception of Gold of Mauritius Rum and ice (cubed and crushed) which will be provided by the organizers.

• Ingredients may be served measured or free pour.

• Participants must be prepared to make up 4 serves of their submitted cocktail.

• Participants will be afforded 5 minutes for preparation and 7 minutes to create the requisite number of cocktails.

• Participants who use inadequate techniques or promote unhygienic standards will not have their cocktails evaluated by the judges. They will be disqualified immediately and will be removed from the competition.

Judges and Judging Process

• Judges will evaluate participant cocktails based on the following criteria:
• General appearance
• Uniformity of presentation
• Aroma
• Taste
• Texture
• Balance

• The final decision from the judges is exclusively theirs and is non-negotiable.

• The organizers reserve the right to select the judges and change them at their discretion before or during the competition as deemed necessary. The judges selected have met the Organisers’ high standards and understand the competition.

• In the event of a ‘Tie-Break’ the cocktail that has been purchased the most by consumers at the UK Rum Fest will declared the winning cocktail.

Participant Responsibilties

• Participants should be aware that all materials including clothing, working utensils and additional materials that belong to you should be picked up immediately following your participation.

• As the judges are evaluating and scoring the cocktail, the Participant will be responsible for cleaning up and organizing the space for the next Participant.

• Participants should be cordial and friendly towards other Participants and Judges. Any participant that demonstrates the opposite and/or aggressive behaviour will be disqualified and removed from the event.

Terms of Entry

• Participants agree to showcase their recipes during a live competition in front of judges and spectators.

• The Organisers and their partners, reserve the right to use any cocktail that is entered into the competition in its publications and marketing materials during and following the conclusion of the tournament.

• Participants may be photographed, recorded, and featured in real time during the event through the websites and social media channels of the competition organisers’ and their partners. Competitors grant the organisers the right to the images and understand that they may be used in future marketing materials of the organisers and their partners.

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