Cocktail Competiton

Gold of Mauritius has been recognized as one of the world finest dark rums. It has a truly unique flavour which is terrific for creating new cocktails or providing a twist to established classics.

In celebration of this we are delighted to announce the launch of the Gold of Mauritius UK Cocktail Competition. The final will take place in London at Rum Fest 2015, and we are offering a prize of 2 flights and accommodation to visit the paradise that is Mauritius, the home of Gold of Mauritius Rum.


Registration for this exclusive competition will open on the 28th March and will remain open until 13th September. To participate please submit your entry online at where you will also find the full competition rules.

We ask that you feature the cocktail that you have submitted within your Bar for duration of the competition.

Qualifying Heat

Once the registration period has ended, the Regional Brand ambassador will arrange to try your cocktail entry at your establishment. They will each select 10 cocktails to be featured at a qualifying heat where a judging panel will select 4 finalists. Participants who are successful in reaching the Qualifying Heat will be informed of the precise date and location by the 20th September and the Qualifying Heat will take place by the 4th October.

All Bar Tenders who are invited to attend the Qualifying Heat will be awarded a signed bottle of Gold of Mauritius Rum by Frederic Bestel, and will also be featured with their cocktail in a Gold of Mauritius Cocktail Book which will be made available for fans of Gold of Mauritius Rum.

The Final

The 4 finalists will compete for the Grand Prize at Rum Fest 2015, where their cocktails will be served to consumers.

Click here to read the competition rules.